Using the Argument Analysis Rubric, we will practice analyzing different types of arguments. This will help you to understand how arguments are developed so you will be able to develop your own argument in your Argument Paper.

Read the following arguments:

Then evaluate the each argument by:

  • Filling out the Argument Analysis Rubric - Make sure to comment on the score you give. Be specific as to why you are giving the score by using examples from the reading and/or pointing to specific areas in the reading.
  • Writing what you identify as the audience and purpose for each argument.

Post your rubric as an attachment and answer the audience/purpose in your post in the Discussion Forum in Blackboard.

For the readings in Catching Fire we will do the analysis a bit differently. First read:

  • Catching Fire Part 2
  • Catching Fire Part 3

Then for each Part, do the following:

  • Focus on one argument you think the author is making and explain in detail what that argument is about. For example on p. 123 Katniss argues that the Capitol has already hurt Prim.
  • Explain how the argument is made. For example, through descriptions of scenes/actions, statements made by the characters, underlying messages that the reader can put together based on other information. For example, one of the ways the author supports Katniss' belief that she must support the revolution is through the vivid portrayal of the beating of Gale in the square.

Post your answers in the Discussion Forum in Blackboard.