Audience - You will be the audience for the annotated bibliography, but you can also think about how you would explain the information you find to your fellow class members.

Purpose - For you to learn more information about your warrior that you can use to put together an argument as to who would win. You need to become knowledgeable to be able to put forth a good argument. See the Purdue OWL website for more info on how to do annotated bibliographies. Make sure you follow the APA example (

How many sources? minimum of 5.

What kinds of sources? You will want to include what we call academic credible sources as much as possible--books, journal articles, academic websites--and there are some out there, but the topic lends itself to using other types of sources--videos, movies, blogs, general websites, etc. One of your skills you will be practicing is determining which sources are the best ones to use for your argument.

Where to go to find sources? Help is available from our Library Staff. Go to as a place to start looking for sources for your Annotated Bibliography.

What format? Since we are doing a more scientific type argument, we will use APA style. Follow the information found on the Purdue OWL website. Sample Annotated Bibliographies

Sample Sources - Warrior Links

What Kind of Info? Find some info for each of these categories:

  • Historical - could be real or fictional
  • Physical - mental capacities, strength, speed, capabilities, vulnerabilities, tactics, etc.
  • Experts - who are the experts on your warrior and what do they say about your warrior. Also tell what kinds of experts you are using, like they do in the Deadliest Warrior program.

What to say in the annotation

  • Put the info from the source that you will be using in your argument paper
  • Put info that makes sense to you and will help you write your argument paper


  • Is it clear what each source is about?
  • Is it clear what each source will add to the argument as to why the warrior would win a battle?
  • Do the sources provide enough information to make an argument as to why the warrior would win?
  • Are the sources good sources for the argument being made?
  • Is APA format correct.

Submit as an attachment in the Discussion area in Blackboard.