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SGarza: ApplyingForJobs


In applying for a job you may be asked to do some kind of presentation. You will need to decide not only what to say in the presentation, but how best to present it.


While Power Point is the format most people seem to default to, it is so often used poorly that I don't recommend using it. It's not a bad tool, but you need to understand its limitations and how to use it correctly. For this assignment, you will be required to choose something other than Power Point.

Use the info in the two articles to help you understand how to make presentations reader based. Then choose either Adobe Spark, Story Maps or Microsoft Sway to create your job presentation. However, you need to understand and be aware of the plusses and minuses for using these tools as well.

Here's an article about Adobe Spark Keep in mind that the presentation will be stored in the Adobe Cloud, so Spark probably isn't a good choice for content you will need to use on a long-term basis.

Story Maps is a little more advanced than Spark or Power Point, so choose this one if you want a challenge. It is based on presenting information related to locations, so you would have to think about your content in terms of location. Here's a good FAQ resource for Story Maps

Here's a review of Microsoft Sway If you have Office, you may have Sway as part of the package. I'm not sure it's much better than Power Point, but it's an option that's out there.

For any work that you publish online, as you will be with these applications, you may want to use just your first name and last initial. In the long run that is probably the best way to go.

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