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<<<<<<< 09/12/06

Renee Gonzales - Grant and contact administrator here at A&M. Telling us about operating procedures. She got her bachelor degree in accounting here @ A&M and is workibg on her Master degree in Public Administration.

She is here to talk about Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Works in research office Deal with faculty who want to sumbit proposals

Proposal is first submitted, Track to see if it funded, If it is awarded, everything is monitored to see how the money is being spent and if it is being spent the way it's supposed to.

Compliance Make sure protections are in place.

SOP's - Standard Operating Procedures Need SOP's to let others be informed of procedures, in case something unexpected happens to an employee, or to inform NEW employees. has great examples of SOP's.

Mrs. Gonzalez would like to have people from different areas in the research office come speak to us to fully know what they do in their particular area.

Pre-Award Post-Award <--------------All different processes Compliance


RFP - Request for Proposal

      Notice telling researchers they have money but need to be   
      sent a proposal to send the money out

Pre-Award - Before the proposal Post-Award - After the proposal

AOR - Authorized Organazational Representative

SPO - Sponosred Programs Office

      But ours is called the research office

Routing Form - If faculty has a proposal, it has to get approved on

               many levels.

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