• Choose an article from the Current Issue of The Journal of Writing Assessment.
  • Answer the following questions to analyze the article:
    • What is the research question the author(s) is focusing on?
    • What scholarship is the author building on? How does the research build on/replicate/add to the scholarship the author is building on?
    • What time frame does the scholarship cover? Why do you think the author chose to cover this time frame?
    • Explain the methodology being used. Why is this a good (or not) methodology for the research? What assumptions are being made in choosing this methodology for this project?
    • What format did the author(s) use to present the finding? Why do you think the author chose to present the findings this way? Can you think of other options for presenting the findings?
    • Choose 2 sources from the reference list and read/scan the original source. Do you think the author made good use of the resource? Do you have a better understanding of why the source is important to the research after looking at the original source? Do you think the author should have done more/less with the source?

You can just answer each question. You don't have to write this like a "paper."