Analysis (55%)

  • Did you provide context?
  • Did you effectively integrate sources into the FAQ?
  • Did you use scholarly sources?
  • Are those scholarly sources relevant to the Composition/Rhetoric discussion?

Bibliography (25%)

  • Did you link to available online sources?
  • Did you provide a list of works cited?
  • Did you provide a suggested reading list?
  • Did you use recent sources?

Format (20%)

  • Did you use the appropriate citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)?
  • Is the analysis of topic adequate for the purpose of other instructors use?
  • Did you run spell check? Do you have any spelling or grammar errors?
  • Did you write in an academic fashion?
  • Did all members of the group review the final entry?


  • Demonstrates extreme knowledge of photoshop. (1%)
  • Includes Photos (2.763%)
  • Keeps it real (5%)