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SGarza: BestOfIndependentRhetoricAndCompositionJournals

This is a great opportunity. We will work Romeo Garcia, who is working with Steve Parks and an editing team, to put together the 2015 edition of The Best of Independent Rhetoric/Composition Journals. The "Best" is an annual anthology featuring the best essays from small journals published by Parlor Press

What makes the publication unique is that reading groups, representing the diversity of interests and workers in the field, choose the "winners" from the nominated essays. This happens either as part of a graduate seminar, dept. reading group, weekend retreat, or on-line blog, in departments across the country. This is a great way to learn more about conversations in Rhetoric/Composition.

Our class will form one of the reading groups. Any reader who participates is listed as an "associate editor" in the publication. Here are the steps in the process:

1. Forming a group of at least five readers - so we will have at least 3 groups.

2. Reviewing at least 8 journal submissions (each journal nominates 2 essays), though you can review the entries from all the journals if you wish.

3. Submitting a report detailing which essays should be chosen.


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