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Lih, Andrew. Wikipedia as participatory journalism: Reliable sources? Metrics for evaluating collaboarative media as a news resource." Conference Presentation. 5th International Symposium on Online Journalism. April 16-17, 2004. University of Texas at Austin. <> Journalism and Media Studies Center: The University of Hong Kong

The globalization of the world through the internet is arresting is its scope. An example of this is the explosion of Wikipedia, a online participatory encyclopedia, which is open to edits on a daily basis, to anyone with a computer. It is a research based study of the credibility of a site that is a constantly changing document.

Asserted that methodology used quantitative metrics. Very weakly.

Theses: Based on the Wiki definition of quality, high quality articles will have more edits and a wide variety of editor types. He also looks at how mentionsing of the article by other sources if affected.

There is a lot of ideas presented but the author fails to present a cohesive research based article to support his thesis.

The author does an effective job of presenting the evolution of wikipedia. He also answers questions about the concept and its effectiveness.

It is confusing that the author is presenting so much in this article. His methodology involves analyzing the number of edits and the number of articles that are utilized by other resources. Historical trends, how people interact. Participatory journalism speaks to the communications audience.