• From the discussion you developed in your White Paper, you will choose one current text (preferably one published in the last two years but nothing published earlier than 2010) and write a book review for a specific journal audience. The review should run roughly between 3-5 pages, single-spaced, and should follow the journal conventions and requirements.
  • You also will be required to identify a specific audience to publish your Book Review. By having this real audience in mind, you will have a better understanding/focus for writing the Book Review. We'll talk about those possibilities and I will provide you with individual help in making this decision.
  • As noted on the Schedule, send an email to me with the bibliographic information for the book you have chosen and the specific audience for publishing the Book Review. I will respond to you with approval. I will not accept Book Reviews unless I have approved the book and the audience for publication.
  • We will spend our last class session reviewing the Book Reviews and preparing them to submit to the journals. You do not have to submit your review, but it is highly recommended that you try.

How to Write a Book Review

Sample Book Reviews

Possible Books