For our brochure project we will do an update of an existing brochure. You will need to present the brochure that you will redesign for approval before starting the project. Without prior approval your final project may not be accepted for a grade. We will spend some time in class working on the brochure, but you may need to schedule some extra time outside of class as well. The brochure must be done in InDesign. I have a project that needs to be done that anyone is welcome to work on, or you may choose your own.

  • Step One - Find an existing brochure that is currently being used and bring it to class no later than February 26 for approval. List of Approved Brochures
  • Step Two - Analyze the brochure using the Elements of Design and Principles of Design on pgs 34-36 in the Helmers book. Write this as a report to the client that you are redesigning the brochure for. Turn in March 4th
  • Step Three - Collect samples of other documents that can give you ideas for the redesign. These may not necessarily be just other brochures. Also look at other documents the client uses, web sites, business cards, etc., and find elements from those documents that you can use. Also think about ways to unify the different documents if that is not already happening. Create a grid of your initial design of the brochure to turn in by the end of class on March 11. We will have some time in class to work on this but you should not plan to try to do the whole thing in class.
  • Step Four - Complete the full version of the brochure for a first draft. Bring to class on April 1 and we will analyze the documents in class.
  • Step Five - Based on the analysis you received in class, make changes to the brochure and present that version to client for feedback.
  • Step Six - Create final version using feedback from client. Turn in final brochure along with the original brochure and an overview of the changes that you made in class April 15.

Below are samples of work from a previous class.

Final Brochures for Graduate Studies