ENGL1301 Composition I

ENGL1302 Composition II

ENGL3301 Principles of Professional and Report Writing

ENGL3340 The English Language: Grammar

ENGL3360 Current Approaches to Composition and Literature

ENGL3361 Strategies and Genres of Advanced Writing

ENGL3375 Writing in the Professions

ENGL3378 Desktop Publishing

ENGL3379 Writing for the Web (Previously Writing for Networked Environments)

ENGL3380 Advanced Writing for Networked Environments

ENGL4390 Visual Rhetoric

ENGL4395 McNair Scholars Research and Writing

ENGL5303 Theory & Practice II: Writing Studies

ENGL 5360 Evaluation and Diagnosis of Writing

ENGL 5364 Technical Writing Theory and Pedagogy

ENGL 5369 Visual Rhetoric

ENGL 5369 Literacy

ENGL 5369 Digital Rhetoric

ENGL 5369 Seeing / Re-Seeing the Wall: Visual and Media Analysis of the Southern US Border

ENGL 5272 Composition Theory and Pedagogy

ENGL 5376 Professional Writing

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