• Once you have written the proposal telling what your chapter will be about and why it should be included in our guide, to give the voters a better idea of what your chapter will look like, you will create a mock-up or draft of your chapter. You do not have to write the entire chapter at this point, but provide a basic layout with some text and most of the headings. The visual layout is very important in the mock-up so make sure to provide enough so the reader can see what your chapter will actually look like. From these mock-ups the six chapters for The Guide to Surviving the Hunger Games in the Coastal Bend will be created.
  • Format - The final chapters should be done as Word files, but the files you submit for the voting need to be submitted in .pdf format. Also, you will need to remove your name from the files you submit so the students who vote on the chapters will be focusing only on the work and not on who created the work.

Here are links where you can see what was submitted previous classes

Post your documents in Blackboard and then I will put the documents on wiki at this link:

Note: For the voting, your work will be stripped of identifying information, placed on a wiki page, and made visible to another class for selection. If you do not want your work made available, then please contact your professor. Not making your work available to the other class means your work has no chance of being selected for inclusion in The Coastal Bend Survival Guide. The finished guide will be freely shared on the wiki and also with students in future courses doing similar projects.