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SGarza: ChapterQuizzes

For The Essentials of Technical Communication 4th edition textbook (hereafter referred to as TETC on the Schedule) by Elizabeth Tebeaux and Sam Dragga, you will first read the assigned chapters as shown on the schedule. Then you will need to complete a Review Test for each chapter. Go to Student Resources site. Each chapter has two quizzes. You can choose either test. If you find what you think is a mistake, post the information in the Updates Forum, including information from the book to show why you think the question was scored incorrectly.

You will have one posting in the Blackboard grading section for the quizzes. It will be a running total, as you will receive 10 points for every quiz you complete and score above 70. If you score below you will receive partial credit.

We will use the info from the text in our discussions of the other activities and writing assignments. So as you read through the chapters, think of how the information applies to the other work in the course.

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