Part I

  • Choose one chapter from the sample manuals you have shared, either your crazy manual or your discipline manual.
  • Using the information we have covered, write a report in which you share with the creator of the manual your recommendations for redesigning one chapter from the manual.
  • Cover at least 3 elements minimum, but a good report will depend more on whether you have made good recommendations, and you have clearly explained to the audience how the chapter should be changed.
  • Follow the format for the letter report starting on p. 186 of ETC. The audience for the report is the person/group that put the manual together. If you don't know who that is, just make up a name.
  • Be specific in explaining your points. Give specific page numbers to let your reader know what you are talking about, and quote from the manual to let the reader know which part you are talking about (as needed). Use screen shots to give the reader and even better context for what you are referring to.
  • Somewhere in your report, include a discussion of how you would rewrite at last approximately 500 words of text from the manual. This is similar to what you did to rewrite confusing text for the IFixIt assignment. You don't have to choose 500 consecutive words. You can choose paragraphs or sections from throughout the manual that add up to about that much text. Thinking in terms of paragraphs or sections, that would be about 5 paragraphs. Make sure to provide the info from the original text, and then your recommended changes, as well as why you would make the changes.
  • Write the report and submit for feedback.

Here is an example from another class of a well written recommendation report. The student does an excellent job of providing context for the elements being discussed, including screen shots to help the reader visualize the context, and clear and complete explanations of what the changes should be.!recommendation-report/cbia (Many thanks to Rene Zamora for allowing me to share his example.)

Part II

  • You will be assigned another student manual to provide feedback for.
  • You will give feedback to the student about their recommendation report.
  • I want you to focus on one thing only - what in the report you don't understand, or what you need more information about.
  • Be very specific - i.e. "In the second paragraph, you state that the illustrations are ..... Do you mean that they are labeled correctly or do you mean ....?" Or, "In the fourth paragraph you say the description of ... provides ... What do you mean by that? As a reader more information would help me to understand.'"
  • Then at the end you should sum up with the positive/strong points in the document.
  • You can post the info in the forum just as a message. You don't have to type up a report or anything formal.
  • In the subject line, make it clear who the feedback is for - i.e. Feedback for Susan Garza.

Part III

  • This activity will serve as the final for the course.
  • Resubmit your Chapter Redesign Recommendation Report after you work on the report based on feedback you received from Dr. G and the feedback you received from another student.
  • Review all of the Recommendation Reports (use the versions from Part I if the final version has not been submitted) and write a reflection in which you talk about what you found to be most useful from all of the reports. You can talk about full reports, or elements from several reports.