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SGarza: ChapterTestAndDiscussions

For the Essentials of Technical Communication 2nd edition textbook (ETC) by Elizabeth Tebeaux and Sam Dragga, you will need to complete two things:

Here's what you have to do as a Discussion Leader:

PLEASE NOTE: The information you provide as a Discussion Leader is in addition to the information we have already read in the chapters in the book. Do not post a summary of the information in the book chapter. The information you post as a Discussion Leader must be information that is not in the chapter. You can refer back to the chapter, but do not simply repeat what was in the chapter of talk about what you liked or did not like about the chapter.

Grading for Discussion Leaders will be based on:

Sample Discussion Leader Posting (where the student has taken on the persona of the person he is reporting on.

For each Chapter Discussion that you are not a Discussion Leader, each student must respond to the information presented by the Chapter Leaders. You must post at least two responses. Responses should do more than just say, "Oh you did a great job." It's nice to pat each other on the back, but the purpose here is to discuss so we can expand on the info from the text. Here are some guidelines for what a good post includes, as well as how posts will be graded:

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