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Does the project adequately address the issue?
Yes. Gives a very thorough basis of understanding the historical and pedagogical influences in mainstreaming.
Does the project consider the target audience? Yes. The info is comprehensive, but does not assume expertise. Very understandable.

Does the project take into account the history, chronology, and key events in the development of post secondary writing centers? Yes.

Does the project acknowledge the various discussions in writing center praxis? When reading the info, I wondered if there are counter arguments to mainstreaming, and writing as social construct that may be useful in mentioning here.

Does the project consult established resources in the field? Yes very well.

Does the project contribute to the ongoing discussion in the writing center . Yes.

And, of course, is the project free of surface level errors that would render it inappropriate for the target audience? Looks good. I think you have some notes to yourself i.e. --- etc.

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