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SGarza: ChooseWarriors

One genre that is common in academic writing is the argument. For our argument activity, we will do battle between two warriors to determine who will win!

Part I

As a group, we will decide what warriors we will focus on for the battle contest. First you will want to become familiar with the context for this assignment.

Our model for this assignment is the tv show Deadliest Warrior. For each episode, a battle is created between two warriors, and then scenarios are presented as to who would win the battle. Take a look at the Deadliest Warrior website. Then in [Blackboard] post your suggestion for one or two warriors that we can use for our class to conduct our battles. You will need to choose warriors that have not already been featured on the "Deadliest Warrior" show.

Part II

Choose one of the full episodes that is available on the Deadliest Warrior website. View the entire episode and then answer the following questions:

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