• Find examples of other promotional info from other graduate programs. List below what you find:


  • Susan H. and Chantal


We chose the University of Texas Graduate School website.

Good Points: Good coloring (neutrals, browns), good picture cycle, accessible "quick links," overall organized well, good layout.

Bad Points: White text is difficult to see.


  • Emliy Cruz
    • The BYU graduate site is easy to view.

http://BYU/graduate studies.edu/

>>>>>>> >>>>>>>

  • Brandy, Lauren, and Edith
    • TX State: Grad studies page is really clean and easy to see everything although the look appears dated. Provides many helpful links inlcluding what programs are offered, information about scholarships, how to contact advisors and faculty, etc. http://www.gradcollege.txstate.edu/

  • Kathryn Grubaugh
    • The University of Texas at San Antonio Graduate program offers: financial aid information, tuition and fee estimates, a list of nationwide scholarships, link to graduate application, list of deadlines, residency frequently asked questions, and other info.

http://www.utsa.edu/graduate// <<<<<<<

  • Savannah Ramos
    • The University of Houston-Graduate and Professional Studies offers links to: A message from the Dean, prospective students, current students, graduate programs, graduate catalog, UH Resources, information for faculty/staff, relocating to Houston,and contact information.



Stephanie Ochoa

  • The university of Colorado at boulder offers tabs to web pages that clearly shows how apply for admission, get financial aid, and about student life.


  • Amanda Hartman
    • Angelo State: The graduate page is easier to navigate. It has clear links that lead to information on separate pages, rather than too much clutter on the main page. http://www.angelo.edu/dept/grad_school/

>>>>>>> >>>>>>>

  • Susan Johnson
    • Texas A&M University College Station is a much more organized, but it's not as colorful and inviting as TAMUCC graduate website.

Jeff Matthews

  • Texas Tech University: Texas Tech's graduate programs site offers lots of links with detailed informaiton on graduate advisors. The first page is well organized and directs prospective students to important information accessible through links on the side menu.


Christine Alvarez

  • The master's program for Creative writing at UT Austin has a very lively page. The information listed on the page provides many links within the content of the information provided for prospective students to look up information as they are reading.


Sylvia Hernandez