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SGarza: ColoniasGrant

It's as if people just dump what they don't want out there.!!

  • My husband and I liked the above statement very much!
  • We must focus on the children and the elderly who are clearly unable to help themselves. This community center will be the first step out of the poverty that these people live in. Yes, the first step is the hardest to make, but it is necessary to take that stop to complete the journey.

List Questions Here:

How much does cleared land cost per acre?

How much does uncleared land cost per acre?

  • Do you have the equipment or know people who can help clear land?
  • **Believe me if we were to get the grant we would find a way to clear the land. Mr. Garcia the husband Ernestina is a plumber he'll probably help and there is another man my husband knows that has large equipment. This would have to be a comunity project.

I hope this information has helped. I or we me have given you the info already but I get carried away sometimes.

  • What is the crime rate in these colonias?
  • Not much crime in these areas because they are more isolated and families usually know everyone who lives there.
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