It's as if people just dump what they don't want out there.!!

  • My husband and I liked the above statement very much!
  • We must focus on the children and the elderly who are clearly unable to help themselves. This community center will be the first step out of the poverty that these people live in. Yes, the first step is the hardest to make, but it is necessary to take that stop to complete the journey.

List Questions Here:

  • Amanda

How much does cleared land cost per acre?

How much does uncleared land cost per acre?

  • Do you have the equipment or know people who can help clear land?
  • **Believe me if we were to get the grant we would find a way to clear the land. Mr. Garcia the husband Ernestina is a plumber he'll probably help and there is another man my husband knows that has large equipment. This would have to be a comunity project.
  • Art Saucedo
    • Which Colonia's are we covering?
    • Tierra Grande, ....
    • which grants have helped these colonias?
    • Every grant we've received has been a God sent. The Kenedy Foundation has helped us very much. Because of the monies we received from them my husband and I were able to travel all around the colonias (lending a helping hand, providing information, taking applications, teaching)and the state (advocation for the people that cannot speak for themselve). The one from HETC from San Antonio gave us for operation. Just one trip to Tierra Grande is 40 miles (coming and going, at times he's made three trips in one day. These two grants have helped us with (according to our fiancial report to the Kenedy Foundation for 2006) office supplies ($409.33), gasoline (miles traveled 7181, $2,513.07), cell phone ($691.91), e-mail service ($269.55) and part time employee ($3,105.00)
    • The Esperanza Y Vida Grant if we get it will help colonias in Corpus Christi, Laredo and McAllen? (we are on the organizational and working part of this grant)Our aim is Pre and post intervention brest and cervical screening practices.
    • HEB has helped us several times. When Texas Southwest Jurisdiction Church of God in Crist, Inc. came to Tierra Grande in June of '05, HEB gave us enough food to feed about 85 people at our house after the event. They have given us vouchers for refreshemnts for meetings we've had and they have committed themselves to help at our next Health Fair HEB Buddy will be there helping give children nutritional information and passing out trinkets, sometime in August.
    • We have just submitted a grant application with Enviornmental Protection Agency (EPA) for $12,000. With these monies we will be able to teach 3 or 4 colonia mothers about enviornmental issues (the dangers of children injecting lead paint, more info in diabetis, and dealing with the enviornment (insecticides and pesticides), they in turn will go to the health fairs and teach the people. These moms that we teach will be certified Promotoes or Comunity Health Workers.
    • Another agency that help us with very good training was "Bert and Mary Meyer Foundation"(BAMM). They gave us the opportunity to put together the CD we presented to this class.
    • Environmental Support Center (ESC) out of Washington DC works with grassroots organizations that help people of color with environmental issues. ESC has helped 3 seperate times. One time we were given a new dell computer along with a printer, and digital camera. At one time they gave us a $4200.00 grant to help with operational fees and paid someone to help me learn computer skills, learn to make flyers and newsletters. When I told them that we sometimes we go out and give lectures or presentations we were awarded a screen, projector and laptop. Last week Mr. Stan Johnson from Atlanta, GA, came by to set up my laptop to a wireless something ou other. He was here several hours and signed us up for another grant to get a website set up!!!!!!! We now have a domain registered.

I hope this information has helped. I or we me have given you the info already but I get carried away sometimes.

  • What is the crime rate in these colonias?
  • Not much crime in these areas because they are more isolated and families usually know everyone who lives there.
  • Amanda Hartman
    • What sort of housing standards/building codes apply to the colonias?
    • There are no building codes. That is why some of the housing is so poorly constructed.
    • My husband says that building codes now apply. If new colonias spring up they will have to have paved roads, drainage systems........
    • Where do residents get their water?
    • Some get their from co-ops, water wells or come into town and buy it.