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While reading the preface to the Tate text, I found the first paragraph and sentence to be interesting. The first line of paragraph one states that "Pedagogy is among the most commonly used, yet least defined, terms in composition studies". Though most if not hopefully all English students can give some formal definition or connotation of what the term pedagogy means, I find it interesting that this term is given a variety of formal definitions, and despite a fully refined understanding of what this term definitively means, it is one of the most used terms to describe or discuss the means of studying and teaching writing, and almost every other academic area. I don't understand why academics find it so important to use terms that aren't even clearly marked or defined while attempting to mark or define a whole subgroup of academic studies. If different academics use this term in vastly different ways, then aren't they just overcomplicating their fields, and making their writting more jargon based and less understandable? I guess I've never understood the necessity for formal professionalism over clearly stated and understandable writing; however, I am curious to see how the different selections in this text refer to, and use the term pedagogy, and how academics use the term in reference to composition studies and teaching, to see if/how "the most commonly used yet least defined" term in the field has any impact on the ability to understand, and connect the ideas of scholars within the field.

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