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Receptive to questions and suggestions
Receptive to questions and suggest
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Response from Eda

I am totally agree with your assessment about June as an unpassionate teacher, and Maria as a student seeking her teacher's attention, and approval. June's comment about Maria took my attention a lot, since she said that "Queen of the Non Sequiturs" about Maria, Also, she expressed very clearly that in the class Maria "was a sweet girl, but she drove" her crazy. Honestly, I could not find any reason for June to be so irritated about Maria's attitude in the class, since as a teacher sh should be patience towards her students, especially the ones who just started to university, because they are in the process of understanding being an academic environment, and they need their teachers' guidance. I do not think June was successful to guide her students, and as a teacher ignoring Maria's comments was something she should not do. I believe that a teacher should listen any comments coming form her students in a classroom, and let them to ask questions to guide them in a better way.
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Remediation as Social Construct: Perspectives from and Analysis of Classroom Discourse
Glynda Hull, Mike Rose, Kay Losey Fraser, and Maria Castillano

The instructor June did not have a passion for teaching especially an instructor at an urban college (whatever an urban college is). She was not really interested in teaching students that attended that particular college and made no attempt to help them with enhancing their writing skills.

In regard to Maria, it appeared that she was seeking attention-acceptance from her instructor, June. Even though she excelled in English in high school, was on the speech team, had written a novel, was bilingual, and received a scholarship, she was placed in an English remedial course in college. Although June was aware of scholastic history, she ignored her qualities and did nothing to help or to encourage Maria to overcome her setback of being placed in a remedial course and to progress forward with her English studies.

Negative features about June were:

The type of language she used in front of the students bout; yeah
Topic of the essay discussion music videos
Insisted to discuss the music video Thriller when others were suggested
Receptive to questions and suggestions
Associated the life experiences with music videos