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SGarza: CommentFromWillmaToEmily

The lack of basic grammar skills does not only exist in colleges and universities. It is also prevalent in corporate businesses. I am sure Process Pedagogy has its benefits, but strict traditional grammar and constructive writing should be mandatory for composition studies in elementary, middle, and high schools. Emily, do you think the students you work with would be receptive to taking grammar classes if you recommended that they do so?

From Emily: I believe that students would greatly benefit from taking mandatory grammar classes before coming to college so that once they are in college composition, they will not be held back by grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. errors as much and can just focus on improving their writing. Though everyone can remember learning those basic writing skills before college, it is amazing how many students come in having long forgotten. I would highly recommend those students who are behind to take those classes either while taking composition or before. The difficult part would be getting them to actually go since many students are apathetic about going above and beyond for their studies and if writing is not a major part of their career path they are not likely to have the motivation to go, therefore there would need to be an incentive provided to them by the school. Overall, I think all students can gain a great advantage from learning or just getting a refresher on grammar.

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