Threshold Concepts

  1. Scholarship is a Conversation
  2. Research as Inquiry
  3. Authority is Contextual and Constructed

Each week we will do some reading and posting in Blackboard with the goals of engaging in information literacy related to these threshold concepts. It's hard to say exactly how long each response should be, but 500 words is a "minimum" guideline. Your responses should show that you have read and engaged with the ideas in the readings. Listed below are some guidelines to help you as you engage with the readings. The readings will be posted on the schedule.

Before you read: Here are questions that can help you think about what you will be reading:

  • Do I know anything about this topic?
  • Do I know anything about this author?
  • When was the article published?
  • What is the source/context/conversation of the article?
  • What does the list of sources cited in the article tell me about the conversation?
  • What preconceived notions do I have about the reading?

After you read: Think of questions that come to mind as you read.

  • How does this reading engage theory and practice?
  • How does this reading show how theory and practice shape and are shaped by one another?