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Welcome to English 1301, Composition I, the first of two writing courses you will complete as part of the University Core Curriculum. English 1301 introduces you to college-level writing, reading, thinking, and learning.

English 1301 emphasizes writing for different audiences, purposes, and contexts, using appropriate genre and conventions. You will deepen your understanding of and develop your use of writing processes that include extensive invention, multiple drafts, sharing and responding to work in progress, revising, editing, and publishing. You will develop information literacy and engage in critical thinking as you work through writing and reading assignment sequences that require ongoing inquiry and problem solving.

This course is not a repeat of the writing courses you have completed to earn your high school diploma. In fact, you will find much of this course to be challenging because you will be asked to complete assignments and activities that are different from the work you have done before now. You are not required to take college composition because of some shortcoming in your high school preparation. We assume that all students in the FY writing courses have been successful writers before now. But we know that the kinds of writing you have learned to do so far will not necessarily be effective in your college courses or in your life outside or after college. Instead, you take college composition courses to prepare you for the challenging writing assignments you will be expected to complete in your academic career here and beyond. FY writing courses add to your writer's repertoire.