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SGarza: CreateABanner

Using InDesign we are going to create a 3 X 6 foot banner of the logo found at for the new McNair Scholars Program at TAMU-CC. You've probably never used InDesign before, and you may not be familiar with Macs, but just do what you can at this point. It's kind of like learning to swim. You have to just jump in do alot of splashing around.

  1. Open the program. Click on Create new document.
  2. In the Document Setup Window type 72i for width and 36i for height. This allows you to use inches to setup the document and the program converts it into PostScript point.
  3. Choose the horizontal orientation (the second one) and then click OK.
  4. Click on the Text tool, the capital T. Then click near the top left hand corner and drag all the way across so that you have a box covering approximately the top half of the document.
  5. Click inside the blue box and type "To the Island and Beyond"
  6. Highlight the text and type 420 pt into the Font size.
  7. Choose a font style that you would like to use.
  8. Choose the centering option.
  9. Find the Color Palette. You should be on the Color tab and the white box with a red line through it should be selected.
  10. At the top right under Choose Options select CMYK.
  11. Then click on the gradient point and move to a shade of green.
  12. Follow the steps above and create a box with McNair Scholars Program in blue.
  13. Go to Google Images and find a picture of a palm tree and a space shuttle. You can select the images by clicking and holding down apple+shift+4. This takes a picture of the image and loads it onto the desktop.
  14. Choose the Selection tool, the top arrow.
  15. Got to File Place and choose the picture file and then click Open. The picture will appear in the document and you can then move it around.
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