Complete 4 tutorials from the Adobe Creative Suite 6 programs.


  • Choose tutorials from
  • Include tutorials from at least 3 different programs (ie InDesign, Premier Elements, Illustrator).
  • Only one can be from PhotoShop
  • Each tutorial you turn in for credit must be at least 5 minutes long, or you can do a combination of shorter ones that add up to approximately 5 minutes.

What to Turn in to Receive Credit

  • Due dates will be listed on the Schedule
  • Make sure to state in your Blackboard post which Tutorial you completed.
  • You have 2 choices as to what to turn in:
    • If the tutorial has you create a document, you can turn in a pdf file of the document you create. The document does not have to be perfect. It just has to show that you attempted the lesson.
    • If the lesson is just a review of how to use tools, etc., you can write a summary (approx. 2 paragraphs) of what you learned. Some things you can include in your summary (You don't have to do all of these.):
      • Don't just tell what the lesson was about. Tell what you learned.
      • Talk about where you had trouble, what was challenging.
      • Talk about how you could apply something you learned, either for your Instruction Project or for something related to your career area, etc.

Adobe Creative Suite Research

Adobe Creative Suite Research II