Assignment 1

Now that you have learned a little about what we look at/think about when we study visual rhetoric, let's try to create something.

If you see in the first example, it was created using, which is a free online tool. You will need to create a free account, but a student in one of my other classes used it to create the child safety infogram so I know it is safe. The Superman infograph is just a picture visual and you could make something like that with even Power Point, or Photo Shop. It is your choice how to create the infograph.

Assignment 2

Create a visual(s) using only images, no text/words, to present what you shared in your written visual analysis of Wray Lane. It is your choice as to what format you use to create the visual. Don't forget to give sources for images.

Assignment 3

Using the information that you have learned from the class regarding visual rhetoric, choose a topic that you would like to create a text for. Your text will take the form of a graphic novel (comic book) and we will use the Comic Life software to develop it.

Here's an example

We won't be able to load the files into Blackboard or directly onto the wiki page. After you finish your comic, go to Save As and click on Export and save as a pdf. Then go to Google Docs (Google Drive) and upload your file there. If you don't have an account you will need to set one up, or you can use any system you have that let's you upload files that can be shared publicly. Then put the url address for the file on this wiki page Possible Upload Link. If you can't get it to work, do the best you can and we will fix things when we meet in person.