Students will re-vision their own chapter/scene of a graphic novel (book version or film version) related to our discussions on visual rhetoric. This could be from Game of Thrones, or you may want to choose your own focus. The purpose for the re-vision is to deliver a different visual meaning/message. You are not telling a different story. The story will be the same, but you will deliver different meanings/messages through the different visual presentation that you produce.

  • Minimum 10 cels
  • Your option as to which comics app/procedure you use to make it.
  • Unless you use original images you create yourself, all images (even reworked images) must be credited using APA documentation.
  • Be sure to save final version as pdf.
  • Must be based on visual analysis elements we study in the course

Presentation Talking Points

For our final you will present your re-vision to the class.

  • No Power Point
  • About 5 minutes long
  • Must be grounded in the principles discussed in class

Grading Rubric:

  • Makes clear to the reader how the analysis is structured.
  • Does more than just tell what you see.
  • Provides a deeper analysis of the visual elements than just what you see.
  • Provides a new way of looking/thinking about the elements being analyzed.
  • Uses formal terms from readings (textbook and libguides)
  • Covers all relevant aspects of the chosen analysis approach.


  • Give original source info in APA format:

  • Provide a statement explaining what you changed and how you changed it, something like: Images have been adapted from the original source using PhotoShop?, including color changes, moving characters, blah blah blah.

Save final version in pdf and submit in Blackboard.

Your work will be posted in the online space