This chapter presents a lot of information to the reader on the subject of Cultural Studies and how it relates to composition studies, but I had a difficult time interpreting what George and Trimbur were saying. I felt like what I was reading was very vague and abstract in how exactly Cultural Studies gets incorporated into the classroom. I understood that part of it is using popular culture and media studies which I often see used in class assignments, but I did not really understand much else. What are some concrete examples of Cultural Studies in Composition?

response by ed

When I read this chapter, there were times I was thinking about what you had mentioned a couple of weeks ago about a class assignment to write about a political song. What I found interesting about what you were saying was that the class consisted of some international students. These international students picked what they perceived to be political songs in the United States. I think it would have been cool to give leeway for any student in the class to write about any song they perceived to be political, even if the politicized song was in Chinese and bashed Chairman Mao or galvanized a country to rise up against President Batista.

I'm not sure if I'm on the right track at all, but I think the writing by each student would have been more pure if their cultural identity were allowed to inflect their words.