Throughout this class we will seek to define visual rhetoric, both on a general level and on a specific level, related to your discipline. This is not an exercise where you are seeking to write a completely polished final report but rather you are continuing to add knowledge and build your understanding of what visual rhetoric is. So your writing for this assignment will reflect your increased understanding of visual rhetoric as we progress through the course.

For every reading assigned as homework, write at least 1/2 to 1 page related to the reading. Some things you might choose to include in your writing:

  • Summaries of important points
  • Quotes that caught your attention
  • Ideas you got from reading the text
  • Questions that you have after reading
  • Discussions of how the reading relates to other readings

What you choose to write about each reading is up to you. Remember that the purpose of writing about the reading is to take something away from the reading that helps to increase your understanding of what visual rhetoric is and how it is used.