Once you have completed your Recommendation Report, you will use the same info you included in that report, but repurpose it so that it is delivered in a digital format (sort of like creating a website, but not really).

This project is similar to one found in Writing for the Web by J. D. Applen. Go to http://www.routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/_author/applen-9780415883269/students.php, which is a page on the companion site for the book. Then go to Chapter 6 and download the zip file which is at the bottom of the page. Then open these two files from the zip files.

  • Home.html
  • futureoftheinternet.html

Don't worry about the content on these two pages. These two files will give you an idea of how to design/present the info from your regular word doc recommendation report and turn it into a digital format. For example, the links in the navigation bar could be the headings from your report. The Home.html file will show you what your home page could look like. The *futureoftheinternet.html file shows you what a secondary page might look like. This will give you practice thinking about how we need to present info differently in a web environment so that readers can follow the info.

  • You will want to use images, of course. But use them wisely, not just for decoration. Only use images that will help the reader with the info that is in your report.
  • You will have a home page and provide links to the major sections of your report. That would be the sections that have headings.
  • You may need to add some info/adjust some info since readers move around differently in the web environment.

How you create the document is up to you. There are many tools available for creating a document like this. You can even do all of this in Word, which most people don't realize and take advantage of.

When you post in the forum, you can attach a copy of your work is you are doing a Word file, or post a link to your page. You don't have to post your work live to the internet. Many page builders will let you share work in progress. Just make sure you set that up so that we have access to view the link you post.