For the readings we do each week, we will post responses in the CTPDiscussionSp11 area on Wiki. You will need to think about some questions before you read, and then after you read and before class, you will respond in the CTPDiscussionSp11 area.

Before you read: Here are questions that can help you think about what you will be reading:

  • Do I know anything about this topic?
  • Do I know anything about this author?
  • When was the article published?
  • What is the source/context/conversation of the article?
  • What does the list of sources cited in the article tell me about the conversation?
  • What preconceived notions do I have about the reading?

After you read:

  • Think of questions that came to mind as you read. For each week as a group we will post up to four questions. Anyone can post a question, and then when you respond, you have the choice of responding to at least two questions.
  • You may choose which questions to respond to, but you must respond to at least one question from the readings in the Miller text, and at least one question from the Tate text. You do not have to respond to every question, but you can respond to more than one question.
  • Once we finish the Tate text, you should post one of your responses based on the reading you are doing for your White Paper. Post a brief summary (including citation info) of one of the sources you are using for your White Paper, as well as any connections you find to our other readings, and questions that are raised from reading the source.
  • It's hard to say exactly how long each response should be. I'm looking for responses that show that you have read and engaged with the ideas in the readings.
  • This activity relates to the following Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Examine critically and reflectively the various works we read.
    • Examine critically and reflectively the ways that theory and practice shape and are shaped by one another.
    • Construct thoughtful, reflective responses to the current questions being examined within the study of "Composition Theory and Pedagogy."
  • Your responses should illustrate that you have done these three things.

After discussing:

  • This will be done in-class and will be posted as a group response in the CTPMappingTheFieldSp11 area. *What would you say about the readings now that you have read and responded to them, and we have discussed them further in class? Can you summarize the main points as they relate to the overall field of Rhetoric and Composition? Also use the questions from before and after you read, as well as our discussions in class to help formulate your responses.
  • This activity relates to the following Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Describe the (recent) historical development of contemporary rhetoric/composition as an academic field of study.
    • Describe a variety of theoretical approaches that have informed and continue to inform contemporary composition pedagogy.
    • Identify the myriad ongoing professional conversations that constitute the field and participate in one or more of the conversations.
    • Apply "ways of reading" and ways of talking about/writing about a variety of scholarly and professional writing.
  • Your responses should illustrate that you are engaging with the material in these ways.
  • Here's what my last class did for this activity, just to give you an idea: Mapping the Field from Sp09