In order to help you find suitable documents for Analyzing Writing in Your Field Activity, we will gather sample documents and share them in the Document Archive. You can find the archive in the Discussion Forum. On the Schedule for the course you will find the dates for submitting a sample document. Remember, these are documents that illustrate the type of writing/genres in the career area you have chosen. For each document include the following:

  • Title
  • Link to document, or attach a copy of the document
  • Why you chose the document, i.e. how this document illustrates writing in your area, etc.

After each scheduled archive dump (yes, this is a common archival term, lol), you will be asked to vote on the top 3 documents that were submitted in the last dump. Explain your choices with back up from TETC or other readings from the course. You must explain the info from the text and provide the page number where it is located. Just voting for the top 3 will not be enough to earn full credit.

Important Note: Remember to look at all of the documents when you vote for the top 3. Don't just focus on the docs that connect with your area. Review all of the docs as there is lots to learn by looking at how writing is done in all areas.