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SGarza: DoingBattle

Once we decide who the warriors will be, the battle will commence.

Part I - Choose Sides

Post in Blackboard which side you want to be on. We will then have two battle rounds. Each side will have a group space in Blackboard that you can use to plan strategy. Your opponents won't be able to see what you post there.

Part II - Battle Round I

Argument - We will be doing this in Blackboard, so that will limit us some, but we can still make good arguments as to which warrior would win. You will want to present information in the same way you saw the arguments being made as to who would win in the Deadliest Warrior episodes you watched. You will post one argument as to why your warrior would win in a battle. Your argument has to be backed up with sources. You can use sources similar to the kind used in the Deadliest Warrior shows. They used expert testimony, research statistics, comparisons to similar situations, simulations, etc. You won't be able to create these the way they did in the show, but you can probably find similar info in videos on YouTube and other online resources. So you will need to be creative.

Argument Analysis - Once the arguments have been posted, the opposing group will review the info you present and recommend points as to how well the argument is presented. But they will have to provide convincing arguments for their point recommendations.

Very important

Remember, this is not about telling the story of the warrior. We've already had info about each warrior. The battles are about focusing on one specific reason in each battle that would prove your warrior would win - they are stronger, faster, smarter, more experienced, etc., and they you have to provide proof to prove your argument.

Battle Rules

Part II - Battle Round II

Same procedures as Round I, but you will present a second argument.

May the Deadliest Warrior Win!!!!!

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