All work is due by midnight for the date posted. All assignments will be posted in Blackboard unless otherwise indicated.* All work must be submitted in Word or pdf formats unless otherwise noted. Please use the "Questions/Help" area in the Discussion Forum for all questions over the course of the semester.

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Graded Activity
Identify and Evaluate Arguments

Generate an Effective Argument

September 5

September 10

  • Read the Syllabus and How to Become a Successful Online Student, and then post a response in the Discussion Forum on BlackBoard (which you can find at, stating that you have read and understand the syllabus and the requirements for taking this course. Also include any questions you have about the class and/or syllabus.
  • Review my Contact Info and Office Hours info. As noted above, please use the "Questions/Help" area in the Discussion Forum for all questions over the course of the semester. Please send individual emails using the Blackboard system. These are routed to my TAMUCC email but coming from Blackboard they are labeled in such a way that I can easily identify that they are coming from students. If you email me directly at I will still respond but your email is likely to get lost with all the other stuff that comes through my inbox.

September 12

September 17

September 19

September 24

September 26

  • Post response to Argument Analysis.
  • You should have read Part I of Catching Fire before class as we will do an in-class assignment on that section.

October 1

October 3

  • Post response to Argument Analysis.

October 8

October 10

  • Post response to Argument Analysis.

October 15

October 17

October 22

October 24

  • Post your top five choices for the definitions you want to use for our Warrior definition.

October 29

  • Post the name and a brief description of the Warrior you plan to focus on for the Argument Paper.
  • Voice to Text extra credit opportunity

October 31

  • Work on Warrior Profile
  • Please complete the Feedback survey found in the Course Content tab. This is completely voluntary and anonymous, but your comments will help me to help you make it through the rest of the course :) Thanks for your help.

November 5

November 7

November 12

November 14

  • Post response to Annotated Bibliography. Based on what you see in the bibliographies, who do you think the most formidable opponents will be.
  • Write Like You Talk

November 19

November 21

  • Post who you have picked to be your opponent to battle against your warrior. Your warrior has to be another warrior from the class, a warrior that one of the other students is writing about.)
  • Work on second draft of Argument Paper.

November 26

  • We will not meet in person today, but your second drafts are still due.
  • Argument Paper second draft is due.
  • Here is a link for how to do running head and page numbers (although you may have to search for a different one to fit your version of word)

December 3

December 5

December 10

  • Last day to vote for the Deadliest Warrior. Based on the information provided in the Argument Papers and the Multimodal Presentations, list your vote for who you think the Deadliest Warrior is out of all the Warriors that have done battle this semester. The top winners will receive some extra credit.
  • Please remember to fill out the evaluation for the class. Thanks for a great semester. You guys have been a great group.

December 17

  • Take Home Final - Audience and Purpose Analysis

*All dates are tentative and subject to change.