Homework assignments are listed in red. They are due at the beginning of class on the date they are listed. Other assignments will be completed during class. While each class may not have a specific in-class activity listed, some work will be assigned and due during each class. You should check the schedule at least once a week, preferably before each class meeting, as new in-class assignments may be posted in response to the progress of other assignments.

Read and Respond | Writing to Fill a Need Portfolio | Service-Learning: Financial Aid Project

August 26

August 31

September 2

  • Post a message to the WebCT discussion area (You can find WebCT at https://iol.tamucc.edu/) stating that you have read and understand the syllabus, and post any questions you have about the syllabus and the course.
  • Read pages vi-15 and complete Respond activity in Every Audience Has a Different Purpose (EA)
  • Guest Speaker Joseph Ruiz, Assistant Director of Financial Assistance
  • Grammar Time

September 9

  • Bring Plan for Writing first draft to class
  • Get into groups of 3 or 4 and skim the report Writing a Ticket to Work. You might want to split up the report between the members of your group. Then as a group, respond to these two questions: What do you find in the report that relates to the career area you are planning to go into? What is the structure of the report and how do the visual elements used in the report -- headings, lines, color, bullets, tables -- help the reader to understand how the parts of the report fit together? For each group, have one person write the answers and turn in at the end of class.
  • Plan for Writing Workshop
  • Grammar Time

September 14

September 16

September 21

September 23

  • No regular class meeting today. Use this time to conduct your interviews. After you have completed your interview, write the first draft of your Career Writing Interview report and have it ready for Writing Workshop that we will do next week.

September 28

  • Read Testing and Evaluating handout and write a summary of the main points. Also, make a list of things you learned about writing that you think you can incorporate into your writing process. If you weren't in class to get a copy of the reading, you can pick up a copy in the box outside my door, FC 267.
  • Last day to turn in final rewrites of Plan for Writing.
  • Decisions that Writers Make
  • Honors Program speaker

September 30

  • Bring your Career Writing Interview report (like the one on page 29-31).
  • Writing Workshop - Have a fellow student and/or Dr G review the document using the information gathered from our discussion of reader-based/writer-based.
  • During the last half of the class you are welcome to go to the Writing Center and have a Writing Center Consultant review your report. The Writing Center is on the second floor of the library.

October 5

  • Read pp 52-58 in EA and complete the Respond activity. Bring the sample report with you to class to share.
  • Review Career Related Document assignment.

October 7

October 12

  • No regular class meeting today. Use this time to go to Career Services in the University Center to see what they have available to help you with your Getting a Job Portfolio.
  • Read pp 59-74 in EA. Post on WebCT questions you have about the Writing to Get a Job Portfolio.
  • Read The 30 Best Careers for 2009 to help you as you begin to think about what information you need to gather for your Getting a Job Portfolio. You don't have to turn in anything for this reading.

October 14

  • Read pp 75-120 and complete the Respond activities.
  • Guest speaker Nancy Salinas from Career Services.
  • Turn in Writing on the Job Portfolio.
  • Grammar Time

October 19

October 21

October 26

October 28

November 2

November 4

November 9

November 11

  • Read pp 159-173 in EA and complete the Respond activity.
  • Discuss audience needs for documents for Writing to FIll? a Need Portfolio documents.
  • Grammar Time

November 16

  • Review scripts for survey/field test.
  • Bring first draft of your survey/field test.

November 18

  • Guest Speaker Joseph Ruiz, Assistant Director of Financial Assistance
  • Bring to class a copy of your survey/field test in a format that can be shared with the class, ie hard copies, file on your flash drive that we can view on the overhead, email to yourself or WebCT.
  • Grammar Time

November 23

  • Work on usability testing of website.

November 25

  • No in-class meeting today. Use the time to complete usability testing.

November 30

  • Bring write up of usability testing results. This will count for 20% of the Writing to Fill a Need Portfolio. This does not have to be a formal report at this point. Notes are fine. One common practice is to list the questions you asked and write the results after each question.
  • From this point until December 7 when the final Writing to Fill a Need portfolio is due, you can turn in to me the work you have completed and I will give you feedback on revisions you need to make as well as some indication of what your grade for the project will be based on what you have at that point. I do require that you also give me written info on questions you need help with. This will guide me in helping you.

December 2

  • Bring to class a complete draft of the final report for the Writing to Fill a Need Portfolio.
  • Review final report.
  • IRBApplication
  • Work on Power Point Presentation
  • Click Here to Take Survey This survey is anonymous.

December 7

  • Turn in final version of Writing to Fill a Need Portfolio. This will count for 50% of the grade for the portfolio. You should have made revisions based on feedback from last class.
  • Check out final version of IRBApplication.
  • Check out final version of Power Point presentation.

December 14

  • Last day to turn in rewrites of Writing to Fill a Need portfolios.