For In-class days all homework is due at the beginning of class. In-class work must be turned in by the end of class. For Online days all work is due by midnight for the date posted. All assignments will be posted in Blackboard unless otherwise indicated.* All work must be submitted in Word or pdf formats unless otherwise noted. Please use the "Questions/Help area in the Discussion Forum for all questions over the course of the semester.

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Graded Activity
Project Part One: Understanding Project Needs

Project Part Two: Backgrounds and Mock-Ups

Project Part Three: Chapter Completion

August 28

August 30

  • Read the Syllabus, Understanding Blended Learning Edited by Kelvin Thompson, Ed.D., and How to Become a Successful Online Student, and then post a response in the Discussion area on BlackBoard (which you can find at, stating that you have read and understand the syllabus and the requirements for taking this course. Also include any questions you have about the class and/or syllabus.
  • Review my Contact Info and Office Hours. There is an area in Blackboard in the Discussion Forum called "Questions/Help." We will use this area all semester long to post questions, help info, updates, etc. So if you have a question that pertains to the class as a whole, please post it there and that way everyone can see the discussion. If you need to contact me about an individual issue, please send individual emails using the Blackboard system. These are routed to my TAMUCC email but coming from Blackboard they are labeled in such a way that I can easily identify that they are coming from students. If you email me directly at I will still respond but your email is more likely to get lost with all the other stuff that comes through my inbox.
  • Also read Welcome to ENGL3301 for more about this class. This is fyi and you do not have to respond after reading.
  • Post memo in the Discussion Forum of Blackboard (BB) telling which Topic you want to present on as part of the Topic Discussion assignment. Work is due by midnight.

September 4

September 6

September 11

September 13

September 18

  • Choose partners for Usability Test and develop script and questions. Post script and questions in Blackboard no later than 9-20.
  • Double D's Epic Tetris Doorbell

September 20

September 25

September 27

October 2

October 4

October 9

October 11

October 16

  • Work on Chapter Proposal.
  • Work on Visual Analysis Part II.
  • Last day to turn in Visual Analysis Part I.
  • Please complete the Feedback survey found in the Course Content tab. This is completely voluntary and anonymous, but your comments will help me to help you make it through the rest of the course :) Thanks for your help.

October 18

October 23

October 25

October 30

November 1

November 6

November 8

November 13

November 15

  • Last day to turn in Chapter Draft Part I

November 20

  • Work with your group on your Chapter
  • Writing Cover Letters

November 27

November 29

December 4

*All dates are tentative and subject to change.