Homework assignments are listed in red. Other assignments will be completed during class. While each class may not have a specific in-class activity listed, some work will be assigned and due during each class. You should check the schedule at least once a week, preferably before each class meeting, as new in-class assignments may be posted in response to the progress of other assignments.

January 17

  • In-Class review syllabus
  • Complete 3378 Survey
  • Complete other survey

January 22

  • In-Class review syllabus
  • In-Class work on flyer for TOGS Program.

January 24

January 29

  • Field Trip to TAMU-CC Print Shop. We will not meet in the classroom. You should go directly to the Pring Shop. For location go to the TAMU-CC Campus Map. The Print Shop is located under number 23, "Physical Plant," and here is a picture of the Print Shop to help you find it. If you get lost call Chris Knapick, Manager of the Print Shop, at 825-3075.

January 31

  • In-Class bring one hard copy (in color if possible) of your TOGS flyers. Print them out before class starts!
  • Last day to turn in Publication Process homework.

February 5

February 7

  • Read Chapter 9 in Visual Communication (VC) and in the Online Discussion area connect what you learned in the chapter with the info you found out from doing the Publication Process exercise. Focus on the question "What is the process of publication?" on p. 173. Or in other words, kind of summarize what you have learned so far about the last step in the publication process, the actual printing/distribution of a document.
  • Bring a sample brochure, short booklet, advertisement handout, etc. to class.
  • In-class Layout Exercise with the samples you found.

February 12

  • Read Chapters1 & 2 in VC and choose one item from the exercises at the end of Chapter 2.
  • In-class complete sample How To Exercise.

February 14

February 19

  • Read Chapter 3 in VC and choose one item from the exercises at the end of the chapter.
  • In-Class work on Brochure Project
  • Complete Wiki Survey

February 21

February 26

  • Read Chapter 5 in VC and answer all of the questions but only for one document.
  • In-Class work on Brochure Project

February 28

March 5

  • Read Chapters 6 in VC and choose one item from the exercises at the end of the chapter.
  • In-Class work on Brochure Project

March 7

March 12 - 14


March 19

  • Read Chapter 7 in VC and complete the exercise at the end of the chapter.
  • In-Class review Chapter 8 in VC and sign-up for Individual Project
  • In-Class work on Brochure Project

March 21

  • In-Class - Guest Speaker, Carrie Miller from the TAMU-CC Publications Dept.
  • Attend/participate in TOGS for extra credit. Extra Credit TOGS

March 26

March 28

  • No regular class meetings this week. Choose a time to Meet with Dr. G
  • Final copy of Brochure Project due.
  • Attend Graduate Fair

April 2

  • Read
  • In-Class work on Index

April 4

  • In-Class How To Exercise - Emily, Susan H, Chantal

April 9

  • Read Chapter 4 in VC and complete Visual Planning 1, 2, & 3 for your Individual Projects.
  • In-Class work on projects

April 11

  • In-Class How To Exercise - Lauren, Sylvia S, Jeff

April 16

  • In-Class How To Exercise - Savannah, Sylvia

April 18

  • In-Class How To Exercise - Susan J, Kathryn G

April 23

  • In-Class How To Exercise - Christine, Amanda, Lindsey

April 25

  • In-Class How To Exercise - Jessica, Amber, Elizabeth
  • In-Class analyze rough draft of Individual Project using Visual Planning 4 on p.95 of VC.

April 30

  • In-Class How To Exercise - Sarah, Katie, Max
  • In-Class How To Exercise - Brandy, Edith, Stephanie

May 9