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SGarza: ENGL5360Sp14Schedule

Assignments are due by end of day on the day they are listed unless noted otherwise.

January 22

January 29

February 5

Hannah Arendt

February 12

February 19

February 26

important service that teacher commentary performed was "to leave tracks." It showed that a fellow human had read the piece with care and attention, which is what writing students most need." Rich Haswell, WPA Listserv Feb 25, 2014

March 5

Spring Break March 10-14

March 19

March 26

'March 28/29 '*Participate in the blog discussion with Adam Webb Look under Curriculum Design for the topic Connect Writing Assessment with Curriculum Design.

April 2

April 9

Attach:huot.pdf Δ

'April 10/11/12 '*Participate in the blog discussions with Hinojosa, Blalock and Fitzsimmons-Doolan You will need to post at least once for each one.

April 16

'April 18/19 '*Participate in the blog discussions with Dr. Stephen Doolan You will need to post at least once.

April 23

April 30

May 7 Reading Day

May 14

Schedule is subject to change.

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