Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class. Other assignments will be completed during class. While each class may not have a specific in-class activity listed, some work will be assigned and due during each class. You should check the schedule at least once a week, preferably before each class meeting, as new in-class assignments may be posted in response to the progress of other assignments.

Dates shown are the dates that the work should be completed.


Due DateIn ClassHomework/Readings
8-29Intro. Go over ENGL5376Fa06Syllabus and Schedule. Introduce a classmate in our Online Discussion area. 
9-5Research gathering: find articles in your major/subject for WritingProject.Visit from Ed Kownslar from the library to help with database searching. Visit from John Besignano, Infomatics Nurse from Christus Spohn to talk to us about project ideas. Decisions that Writers MakePost to the Online Discussion area a message stating that you have read and understand the ENGL5376Fa06Syllabus. Also post any questions you have about the Syllabus and/or Schedule. Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Rankin text and discuss in the Online Discussion area.
9-12Discuss Writing Workshop format. Discuss ProfessionalWritingPlanningMemo. Discuss Guest Speakers.Read Appendix A in Rankin. Read Adelstein, Elbow, and Harris in Harty text and discuss in the Online Discussion area.
9-19Abstract Exercise. Discuss Article Analysis. Discuss Guest Speakers.Bring to class two sample abstracts for your discipline. They can be for articles that you are planning to use for your work in this class. Post Writing Project Ideas. Read article for abstract exercise (handout). Read Arnold and Winsor in Harty discuss in the Online Discussion area.



Due DateIn ClassHomework/Reading
9-26Article Analysis Exercise. Discuss !Resource Summary. Guest Speakers.Bring a copy (or the link to) of an article that you have found related to your Writing Project work. Post Your Planning Memo here. Read the following article for in-class exercise http://journalism.utexas.edu/onlinejournalism/2004/papers/wikipedia.pdf. Read all of Part Two in Harty and discuss in the Online Discussion area.
10-3Guest Speakers. Discuss Annotated Bibliography.Post Your Article Analysis Here. Read Chapter 4 in Rankin and Jones in Harty and discuss in the Online Discussion area.Bring to class an example of an annotated bibliography for your discipline.

Resource Summary

Annotated Bibliography

Due DateIn ClassHomework/Reading
10-10Tables & Illustrations ExerciseBring a copy of an article/report in your discipline that contains tables and/or illustrations. Post Planning Document Rewrites. Post Resource Summary. Read Oliu/Brusaw/Alred and Huff in Harty and discuss in the Online Discussion area.
10-17Guest Speaker Phyllis Tedford, Computer Science Instructor. Writing Workshop. Meet with your writing group and post Feedback on Level I questions from Rankin p.l00 over the first work on your Writing Project.First work on Writing Project, at least 5 pages. Read Dodge and Vinci in Harty and discuss in the Online Discussion area.
10-24No regular class meeting. Meet individually or in pairs with Dr. G to review work on Writing Project.Post Annotated Bibliography. Read PowerPoint is Evil, Learning to Love Power Point and "Aesthetic Experience and the Importance of Visual Composition", and respond to the readings in the Online Discussion area.
10-31Writing Workshop. Use Flower and Ackerman's concept of writerly/readerly text to provide feedback in writing workshop. Post feedback for 5 pages on Readerly Feedback.Bring 5 more pages of your project. Rewrites of Article Analysis are due. Email rewrites to Dr. G. Read Flower and Ackerman in Harty and discuss in the Online Discussion area.

Conference Proposal

Due DateIn ClassHomework/Reading
11-7Writing Workshop. Post Feedback on Level II questions from Rankin p.100.Post/send latest version of Writing Project before class begins with instructions for review. Post your Conference Proposal on the Conference Proposal List page. Read Mathes/Stevenson in Harty and discuss in the Online Discussion area.
11-14Writing Workshop. Post Feedback on Level III questions from Rankin p. 100.Post/send latest version of Writing Project before class begins with instructions for review. 
11-21Online ClassSend latest project draft to members of your group to review (cc your professor) with instructions for review. Use Rankin Chapter 3 and point out where Signposts are successful and where signposts are needed. Make the comments using the Review function in Microsoft Word and send the document back (and again cc your professor). Read Chapter 3 in Rankin and discuss in the Online Discussion area.
11-28Conference PresentationsConference Schedule
12-5Project Conferences in my office (FC267?) from 6-8pmTurn in your Writing Project to Dr. G and she will give you feedback and a grade and you can rewrite it before you turn it in for the final grade next week. I will leave your graded projects in the box outside my office for you to pick up. Then you can do another rewrite before turning it in for a final grade no later than 12-12.
12-12No Class. No final exam.Post Your Writing Project Here