As far as I am concerned, the foundation of writing instruction can be pedagogies. First of all according to Tate, " pedagogy is among the most commonly used, yet least defined, terms in composition studies". The term pedagogy embodies different approaches, ideas in writing, that is why, there is a diversity in pedagogy. So, Tate prefers to use this term as plural to reflect this diversity in this term. According to him, " pedagogical variety is a hallmark of our discipline". Based upon this explanations, it can be said that pedagogies are at the center of the composition studies, since, they cover more than one approach in composition studies. One of the thing pedagogies cover is the technical skills in writing such as " good grammar and correct spelling". These technical skills are significant to composition studies to produce good works. Also, these skills are related to pedagogies in composition studies, because, they are examined by using pedagogical aprroaches to teach easier how to write to students. So, it can be said that pedagogical approaches to technical skills in composition is vital to learn and teach how to write better.