Robert Miltner, "Where the Visual Meets the Verbal: Collaboration as Conversation", Enculturation, Vol 3., No.2. Fall 2001

This article is really different the ones I have read for my White Paper so far. For my White Paper, I will focus on that how visual rhetoric, or visual literacy should be used in a writing classroom, is there a specific reliable way for to do that, why different visuals are important for teachers in a writing class? The sources I have founded so far just gave me the basic discussion about the important place of different visuals in students' lives, which is why seeing is really important for the students to actually understand the different discussions, but I was trying to find a way to explain that why seeing is important in writing, in being in a discussion. This article answered my question by dealing with this issue from a different perspective, a perspective of an artist, of a poet. Based upon his own experiences, Miltner explain the collaboration between the verbal and visual, the correlation between verbal and visual. As poet his own experience with a painter, their collaboration through their verbal and visual works helped to understand that seeing is important to be able to think about the words, but also thinking words helps us to visualize them. Like Miltner says, there is a collaboration between words and visuals. Through his experiences, Miltner tried to write poems by seeing different paints of his working partner. This process helped him to improve himself as writer, to help him to enlarge his vocabulary.