Blanton, Linda Lonon. "Student Interrupted: A Tale of Two Would-Be Writers." Journal of Second Language Writing 14.2(2005):105-121. Science Direct. Web. 26 February 2011.

I think this article is a good source to review the book ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors, edited by Shanti Bruce & Ben Rafoth. In this article, Blanton focuses on the L2 comprehension and performance of two students. The commonality of these two students is that both had been interrupted in their L1 learning. One student entered an American high school as an immigrant and another student entered junior high school at the age of 13. Blanton states that both students had been interrupted in their L1 learning at about the age of eleven and then were put into L2 programs. Blanton goes on to say the age they begin to learn a L2 can impede the progress made learning an L1; this dilemma stagnates their literacy development of their first language.

To remedy this situation, Blanton argues that L2 programs should not only focus on the composition aspect of English but also to pay attention to the literacy aspect of English. Talking and communicating can help in the L2 programs. She uses as an example the literacy development of young children. Verbal mediation and learning environments that allow literacy to flourish should be key to any L2 program.