Lih, Andrew. "Wikipedia as participatory journalism: Reliable Sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource." Conference Presentation. Paper of the 5th International Symposium on Online Journalism. (April 16-17, 2004). University of Texas at Austin. <> Journalism and Media Studies Center: The University of Hong Kong

This research article, develops a research model. Conducts a study using quantitative metrics.

The information given in the overview points on page 2 made me think that I would find this information, but that was not the case.

There was no reference of Figure 1 in the text before its presentation. There is no connection between the text and the figure.

Theses: Based on the Wiki definition of quality, high quality articles will have more edits and a wide variety of editor types. He also looks at how mentioning of the article by other sources if affected.

He provides a good amount of history in terms of what Wiki and Wikipedia are, how they work, why they work, why we would use them.