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SGarza: EmilysResponseToWendy

It is unfortunate that many people willing to learn and improve themselves and their condition do not have the digital resources available to them because of the language barrier. But I agree with Caleb and Chelsea that many computer programs are now being made in more and more languages to reach those unfamiliar with English, and why wouldn't they when it only helps those companies gain more customers? I just became aware of this this year when seeing my international students working on their laptops with languages other than English displayed on the desktop, which makes their life easier.

Also, English is being learned more and more internationally, so that this issue is no longer a problem for some groups of people who have recently picked up English. In my other graduate class, a speaker from Nigeria came to speak to us about the Nigerian culture and people since we are reading a novel by a Nigerian author. He was just informing us how English has become a prominent language in his home country. Obviously, no group of people should be forced to abandon their own language, which is important to their culture just in order to avoid being hindered intellectually and academically, so the increase of production of computer programs in additional languages is the most beneficial way for both non-English speaking people and computer companies.

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