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SGarza: EmilysResponseToWiki

I really enjoyed reading this wikitext and agreed with much that it had to say. It is a fact that each new generation of students are more technologically advanced and dependent (addicted) to technology than the last. Wiki is a great idea to bring to the composition classroom to spark the interest of students and perhaps make writing and sharing ideas more fun and accessible.

What was most interesting to me was changing the idea from the student writing exclusively for the teacher as their sole audience member to the student writing to their teacher as well as their classmates. How does this affect student writing? Will this inspire them to submit better work knowing that they will be reviewed by their peers and not only their teacher, or worse, or no change at all?

I am also concerned about those students who prefer their work to only be seen by the teacher. Naturally, there is added pressure on the student when they know they have a larger audience, especially one in which is mostly made up of their classmates. Should students get a choice whether or not to post on wiki?

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