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SGarza: EngagingAndRespectAndResponsibility


If you are active in class and complete the assigned work, then you will get full credit. For each day that you are present in class, if you turn in your homework at the beginning of class, participate in class work and discussions, and complete work assigned in class you will receive a full 10 points. If you only come to class but do not participate or turn in your work, you may receive only 1 point. You need to come to class and be actively involved in everything we do in order to get full credit for this part of the course.

Respect and Responsibility

Not only should you actively participate in class, but you should also develop a professional attitude. You should be a team player and support everyone in the class.

Expectations - We will treat our writing community as a professional work setting. Each member is expected to be prepared, to do the assigned reading/writing/discussion for each class meeting, and to have work ready for peers to respond to.

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