Primary Research

I plan to do a research project pertaining to the graffiti found around Corpus Christi. I want to compare two areas: the west side and the south side. I have already begun gathering photos of graffiti. I want to study amounts, types, and messages that can be found in both areas.

Discussion of Secondary Sources

At present I have found numerous newspaper articles and television transcripts about the graffiti problem in the city. I also plan to interview people in the areas who can transcribe some of the symbols and messages. I plan to rely on published works that discuss reasons for creating graffiti. Some are available on the internet and in library databases.

Theoretical Perspective

I hope to find theoretical information about graffiti as art. I will also hope to find theoretical information about graffiti as vandalism. I also plan to refer to Arnheim's definitions of pictures, symbols, and signs. In addition, Barthes' article about rhetoric of images may be useful.


I plan to conduct a comparative study of two approaches concerning graffiti.

Results of Primary Research

I hope to show two opposing sides to this issue.

Discussion/Conclusions About Findings

Perhaps I will be able to offer recommendations that address this issue.