Literacy is a big topic. In this course we are seeking to better understand what literacy is and how it affects us, specifically how it affects us as writers/as teachers of writing.

Chapter 1 of The Elements of Literacy has very good guiding questions, so make sure to take note of those, and refer to them throughout the course as you continue to shape your understanding of literacy (pgs. 3, 15, 17

Part I

  • Read The Elements of Literacy.
  • Complete Activity #3 "Writing a Memoir Essay Related to a Site of Literacy" (p. 236).

Part II

  • This can be done with a partner/group, or individually.
  • Complete Activity #2 "Collaborative report: popular definitions of literacy" (p. 19 in The Elements of Literacy).

Part III

  • This will build on the work you are already doing for the Ethnography Project.
  • Take some element of what you have already discussed/analyzed as part of your Ethnography Project, and do Activity #4 "Literacy metaphors collage" (p. 20 in The Elements of Literacy).
  • You can make the collage electronically (copy and paste images). Or you can even do the old-fashioned cut and past pictures and put them on a poster board. If you choose that option you will need to post a photo (or short video) showing the collage.